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Episode 14: Shahzeb Malik American Journey/Tributes to Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther)

Shahzeb Malik is a natural-born leader, creative, and undergraduate student at Baldwin Wallace University located in Cleveland, Ohio. Graduating from Cuyahoga Community College before high school, he gained incredible life experiences...

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Episode 13: Michael Gaw Journey to America!

My name is Michael Gaw, I’m going into my second year at Babson College, a small business oriented college in Wellesley Massachusetts. I was born and raised in Vancouver Canada...

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Episode 12: Sydney Hencil Journey To America!

My name is Sydney Hencil from Zimbabwe. I first came to the USA when I was 20 years old under the Rotary Georgia Student program and loved the University that...

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Episode 11: Mubarak Haruna Journey To America!

My name is Mubarak Osiremiza Haruna, I am an international student athlete from Nigeria. I am a Mathematics and Computer Science major and an incoming junior transfer student at Saint Mary’s College of California from Merritt College, Oakland CA.I was raised in...

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Episode 09: Fortune Nwachukwu Journey to America!

Fortune Nwachukwu was born and raised in South East Nigeria, a country in West Africa. He graduated from high school in same country in the year 2013 before he moved...

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Episode 08: Maha AlHomoud Journey to America!

I am a 22 year old, Saudi Arabian female. I am a senior of Political Science at the University of Washington, and a cancer survivor as well. My future goals...

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