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Season 2: Episode 12: The GRIT Mentality with Igho Ekakitie

There is a line between those who live their dreams in the long term and those who do not.  It’s not always about who is smarter.  It is more about who is willing to stick with the process no matter what till they see results.

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Season 2: Episode 11: The Power of Dedication with Nicholas Onwumere

Episode 11 features Nicholas Onwumere @nichbenjr our SECOND IN-PERSON guest from Washington DC airs on Monday. He talks with our host Igho Ekakitie about the *POWER OF DEDICATION* and his...

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Season 2: Episode 10: The Importance of Internships & STEM with Okhai Omuetebe

Our first In-Person interview and we’ve both had our Covid Vaccines @pfizerinc & Moderna. Okhai talks about the Importance of Internships, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), life in University...

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Season 2: Episode 9: How to Navigate Studying in Canada with Stephen Oguegbu

Stephen Oguegbu is an international student from Nigeria who is currently working at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation as a transport planner intern. He has a background in Civil Engineering...

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Season 2: Episode 8: Tips to Excel Studying in America with Pamal and Udu

Our special guests Udu from Nigeria 🇳🇬 and Pamal from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 talk about tips to excel studying in America, the Derek Chauvin jury verdict from the killing of...

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Season 2: Episode 7: How to Navigate Studying in America/H1B Visa Process with Fellan Ferguson

Fellan Ferguson is an Operations Analyst for a government agency where she focuses on process improvements. She is an international student from Jamaica who graduated from Clemson University with a...

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