Want to study in Canada? Check Out These Schools

If you are an international student seeking to obtain a master’s or Ph.D. in a Canadian university, then you have to check out these schools. We have handpicked them specially for you, especially if you are really looking to study with a scholarship. Note that the funding offered by each school differs based on factors such as the program applied for and other criteria the school may deem for consideration during the admission process.

These schools have been put in the spotlight for several special reasons. They receive more than two-thirds of all yearly funding allocations, produce more than three-fourths of all doctorate degrees obtained within the country nearly, undertake the bulk of the research carried out by tertiary institutions and also contribute a significantly large quota to the Canadian economy on a yearly basis. These schools also accept an overall high intake of international students yearly.

These fifteen universities, more generally referred to as U-15 are listed below, in no particular order

  1.  University of Calgary
  1. University of Toronto
  1. University of Alberta
  1. Laval University
  1. Queen’s University
  1. University of British Columbia
  1. University of Saskatchewan
  1. Dalhousie University
  1. McMaster University
  1. Western University
  1. University of Ottawa
  1. University of Manitoba
  1. University of Montreal
  1. University of Waterloo
  1. McGill University

For more clarity on the application processes and criteria needed to obtain scholarships into any of these schools for a master’s or doctorate degree, please visit their individual websites and endeavor to make inquiries from their graduate studies offices.

Own your journey!

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