Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

The dream of studying abroad only comes true for those who have the significant resources needed to live or study in a foreign country. Studying in another country can be expensive, but don’t get scared, because the potential experience you will gain is priceless. One way to materialize that dream is through international student scholarships.

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List of scholarships for International Students from developing countries around the world

Through their current International Fellowships program, the American Association of University Women offers women who are not U.S. citizens a scholarship opportunity to study in the United States. Postgraduate and graduate studies are provided in accredited U.S. institutions. VISIT WEBSITE

 The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship offers scholarships to postgraduates from developing countries without any financial support, an opportunity with 50% loan and 50% grant. VISIT WEBSITE

The Foreign Fulbright Student Program provides scholarship opportunities for artists, graduate students, and young professionals worldwide to study and conduct research work in the United States. VISIT WEBSITE

International Student offers an extensive database of scholarships, college loans, student insurance, and more for international students. VISIT WEBSITE

MPOWER Financing offers scholarships that are widely accessible to international students. With their Global Citizen Scholarship Program and more.      VISIT WEBSITE

The Scholarship Programs’ Civil Society Leadership Awards offer fully-funded master’s degree scholarships to people who show their profound commitment to positive social change. VISIT WEBSITE

The P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship program (IPS) offers scholarships to women from other countries for graduate study in the U.S. VISIT WEBSITE

 The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students and young researchers from developing countries. The program also provides them with tuition, health insurance, monthly living allowance, and travel allowance. VISIT WEBSITE

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