All You Need to Know About Application Fee Waiver – Fall 2022


There are a lot of overhead costs associated with obtaining a college education these days. There are the much larger fees such as tuition and accommodation, and then the comparatively smaller ones such as the application fee. In securing admission, a student may need to apply to several schools. These applications could amount to anywhere around $50-100 per school. Now, if we do the math to see how much cost could be incurred in applying to several schools it is, well… a lot.

Applications to most colleges are purposefully charged by schools for the purpose of covering the costs incurred during the process of reviewing an admission. The ‘prized’ institutions of study are most preferred by many students. So, in many cases, students run multiple admission processes. To schools with high acceptance rates, admission is guaranteed.  However, to institutions with more stringent requirements and much lower acceptance rates, admission is mostly ‘probable’ and in some cases, even considered ‘beyond reach’. The average applicant will apply to anywhere between three to ten schools. This is a lot of dollars being expended on application.


Money spent on applications to schools is normally non-refundable. To be honest, not alot of people can afford to gamble away money applying to several colleges at a time. Some schools offer application fee waivers based on certain criteria set by them. A school may grant an applicantion fee waivers based on instances such as a request by the student based on financial  needs or application as an international student. However, there are schools that completely  boycott the application fee without any special conditions attached.  

To make things easier for applicants, we have compiled a list of some schools in the United  States granting application fee waivers for fall admission 2022.  

It’s time to own your journey!

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